Make the direct difference

Téo Vélo Inc is a Quebec company specializing in the direct sale of electric bicycles. Our high volume marketing is directly connected to our customers. No intermediary between us and you, no importer, wholesaler, distributor of bicycles. You buy your bike directly from the designer. The resulting savings allow Téo Vélo to include better quality components on your next bike. This allows consumers to obtain bicycles with the best possible quality/price ratio. In addition, as the inventory is huge, the availability of spare parts is assured. In addition, the support is done directly with experts. This direct service saves time and avoids a lot of inconvenience. It is direct sales and direct support from an expert that is most appreciated today! That's the difference!

Téo electric bikes are the most efficient, affordable, comfortable, ergonomic and reliable on the market in 2024. All the components of the bikes in the Téo range have been chosen for their qualities and to satisfy their users: the new Samsung battery with 3500Mah cells the most powerful and safe on the market with Litium-ion integrated into the frame, the powerful, silent Bafang motor, the fluidity of the derailleur and the Shimano Alivio gear selector, the Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, specially designed for electric bikes , will give you all the control you need. The lightweight, simple and effective King meter LCD screen will inform you about your speed, battery level and distance traveled, among other things. The new Kenda KS tires with increased puncture protection with reflective stripe will give you safety and peace of mind. The 80 Lux Axxendo spanninga headlight connected to the electrical system and the 2-position rear light connected to the brake system ensure you are seen and seen as if you were in a car. And it's not over yet; there is the Téo alarm system, KMC's new E-9 chain specially designed for electric bikes and there is even more, our electric cables are 100% waterproof with their triangular connectors and our Téo sine-wave controllers waterproof and filled with epoxy gel specialized for electronics. There are more than 104 important components on an electric bike, the objective and always to offer the best for the price paid. You can compare; there is no equivalent on the market.