« I had a great time and came back very impressed. I felt good about a motivated company focused on the satisfaction of its users. »
Court Rye, Electric Bike Review

Get yourself your Teo

Think about it, why ride on a bike that makes you feel all the defects, vibrations, potholes and gravel on the road? Why not ride with comfort? The solution lies in the Fat bike’s oversized wheels, which provide unparalleled comfort and grip. You’ll feel like you’re riding on an flawless bike path, even if that’s not the case! With an electric bicycle, hills, chaotic roads and headwinds can become a thing of the past.

At Teo Fat Bike, our priority is your enjoyment!

The Teo electric fat bike is the most high-performance, affordable, comfortable and ergonomic bicycle on the 2017 market. All components for bikes in the Teo product range have been chosen for their properties and to satisfy the user: the most powerful and safe Litium-ion battery on the market, by Panasonic, built into the frame, a quiet Bafang motor, a smooth derailleur and shifters from Shimano Alivio, and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, designed specifically for electric bikes, will give you all the control you need. A lightweight, simple and efficient LCD display will show your speed, battery level and distance traveled.

No compromise. The electric bike input does not entirely phase out the need for cyclist efforts: the motor is only triggered by pedal motion. This maintains the health benefits of the bike. Enjoy less effort and more speed! What more could you ask for? Do you want it to be eco-friendly? Bingo! Today, bikes are among the best means of reducing traffic on our roads and they emit no CO2. A power-assisted bike can easily replace your car to get you to work: No more endless gridlock and parking quests!



An electric fat bike,
The best way to get around the city!